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Decorative Concrete Structure

Welcome to Our Inspiration Page

We wanted to create a show book of all our greatest pieces available for your space. Please note we have an offline catalog that has a vast amount more of products to select from so if you do not find a specific product please send us an inquiry.

Creating Innovative Spaces

Bringing together creativity and productivity

All featured projects below have information available only through speaking directly to a representative. Please send us an inquiry with the project design you are interested in and one of our representatives will be in touch with you within 24hrs. 

Interior Designer

BOKO Central 

Our BOKO Look book is a series of products we have listed on our website under GCH Luxury. It is the only look book that has visible products on our website. The Boko series is a dynamic design that would fit with any space and industry. It's style is timeless, elegant and modern which brings a trustworthy ambiance to your employees and clientel.



Our SINAPORE Sheer collection is an exquisite series of furniture manufactured with the finest materials and high-end finishes to bring your office an executive atmosphere. Create your very own luxury office space experience while designing the proper foundation for endless productivity.

Singapore Sheer

Are you creating or re-designing an executive space? Our EXECUTIVE Skylight collection is a series of pieces that set the tone for high-ranking professionals. This elegant series will deliver a stellar ambiance while also sparking motivation. 

Execuive Skylight
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